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Business Opportunities

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What if you could provide more services to your clients, while increasing your profit margin?

Now you can! We have developed several programs that will not only streamline your business, but provide opportunities for your business to expand. Take full advantage of the technology we have developed and implement one of the following programs to increase your bottom line.


Our marketing agent program was setup especially for those companies or individuals who wish to sell the Voice4net product line, but do not want to get involved in first line support or installation. We have aggressive commission programs that allow you to make a significant income without the overhead of a support organization.


Our reseller program was created for those organizations who already have the experience and infrastructure in place for installing systems at customer sites. We have a unique training system that makes it easy for your engineers to get up to speed quickly on our product line and begin customer delivery as soon as possible. The margins are much higher in this program because the requirements are more involved. Resellers handle their own customer contracts and level one support while we play an assistance and level two support role.

Development Partners

On occasion we have resellers contact us with a new product idea that requires new development. In these cases we may work in partnership with the reseller to create a brand new product line. When this occurs the reseller and Voice4net share in the development costs associated with the initial project and then share in the revenue of that product on future sales.


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